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         CCTV installation & remote viewing.

         Software : Microsoft, Ultimate Accounting, Hospitality & Tour operator Sotware management systems.

         INTERNET - Consultation and advice

         Internet setup and support including mail servers.

         On-site training and support for Hardware and Software

  • Sales of computer systems, notebooks, related hardware and consumables.
  • Network cabling and support.
  • LAN and Selected WAN network installations
  • Upgrades and regular maintenance of computer and related peripherals.
  • Assessments of equipment damaged by Power/Lightning.
  • Reports & Quotations.
  • Site and computer Assessment and advice.
  • Virus removal and data security.
  • Data Recovery.
  • Audio and Video services
  • Music editing using computer software
  • Designing and building loudspeaker enclosures
  • Building electronic circuits
  • Installation of home and car audio/visual equipment
  • VCR to DVD conversions






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